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Why Invest with us?

Our ticket size ranges from US$2-10million




Expanding your business can be a difficult task, both financially and operationally. We provide flexible financing solutions, investing as Debt, Equity, or a combination thereof, enabling business expansion without diluting your ownership. 

Runway Extension

We specialize in venture debt financing to help fuel your business growth. We provide more than just capital - our goal is to be your partner throughout the entire process, offering support and resources to help you succeed. Our flexible debt offerings not only extends operational runway but also attracted significant interest from investors, laying the groundwork for a successful next round of equity financing.


For growing businesses, maturing and inflexible debt arrangements can be a major obstacle. ​ We provide flexible funding options that can replace traditional debt facilities with more tailored and effective solutions, enabling growth-oriented companies.


We are committed to providing growth-oriented companies with the flexible debt offerings they need to develop and/or transition their business model or product mix. We take pride in backing innovative, forward-thinking companies and supporting them as they pursue their goals for growth.

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