"According to the CB Insights, 29% of the startups fail because companies run out of cash. It ranks second among the top 20 reasons why startup fail. "  - CB Insights, November 2019-


Why Venture Debt

Venture debt is an alternative financing method for early-stage startups with validated business models and clear market growth opportunities. We understand the inherent risks associated with early-stage companies, but we embrace and help visionary entrepreneurs to transform their business. We complement your equity financing to extend the cash position and prevent short term liquidity problems.

Business Meeting
Business Meeting

Minimize Shareholding Dilution

If you are VC backed, VD serves as a bridge to the next round

Enhance Financial Liquidity

Enhance your company's financial liquidity before achieving the next milestone and achieve a less costly capital structure. It lowers the overall cost of financing and enhances equity return.

Southeast Asian Business Expansion

Iris Capital Partners is a well-established venture capital with extensive corporate networks in Southeast Asia.

We support your company future equity fundraising round and business expansion regionally.

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Eligibility Criteria

A Malaysian Company

  • A Malaysian company that seeks for domestic and/or overseas expansion in Southeast Asia

  • Is backed by notable venture capital companies/ institutional investors

  • Able to demonstrate a scalable, sustainable and repeatable business model 

Definition of a Malaysian company: 

  • More than 50% of equity is held by Malaysia owners

  • More than 50% of full-time employees are Malaysian

An Asian Company

  • An Asian company that seeks to expand into Malaysia in the near future and brings direct/indirect tangible benefit to the Malaysian economy

  • Backed by notable venture capital companies/ institutional investors as well as able to demonstrate the scalable, sustainable and repeatable business model​

Definition of a non-Malaysian company: 

  • Less than 50% of equity is held by Malaysia owners

  • Less than 50% of the full-time employees are Malaysian


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